About Radio Droogdok


Radio Droogdok was first launched in April 2018 to reflect on and link the creative hubs and cultural free havens of the Dutch Docklands and post-industrial Stroud.


Created by Tara Downs as an audio offshoot of her Miniature Museum project with partner Bart Sabel, the first iteration of Radio Droogdok connected two communities close to her heart.


Radio Droogdok has recently been awarded ACE funding for research and development of its next evolution, taking The Radio Hut on the road for a series of experimental interactive installations and collaborations. Contact us to take part and look out for the Radio Droogdok hut in unexpected places…


2018: Radio Droogdok: Transition Transmissions

Actively archiving engineers of the imagination, pioneer spirit and in-between spaces

A live link was made between the Radio Droogdok radio hut in various Dutch dockside locations and Stroud Valley Artspace.  Visitors entered the exhibition gallery cupboard in SVA Stroud, to find themselves sitting ‘in the hut’ in conversation, via skype.


The resulting audio exchanges were broadcast on resoundradio.org for the SVA SITE Festival. At the same time Radio Droogdok created soundscape podcasts with Dutch NDSM-based artist Valerie van Leersum, for her ‘Places in Drift’ residency at SVA.


2019: Test Transmissions From The Edge Of The World

In September 2019 The Radio Hut played host to an emergent collaborative art piece, conceived and brought to life with spoken word artist and theatre-maker Jonny Fluffypunk.

This new iteration of the project is a fusion of museum, installation and micro theatre space. 

Jonny wrote a bespoke theatre show about the magic of radio – “Test Transmissions from the Edge of the World –  which was performed in and around The Radio Hut at the Museum in The Park as part of Stroud Theatre Festival 2019.

2020: The Radio Hut Rolls On

The Radio Hut is a mobile interactive art space themed around radio and its interplay with community and the imagination – a miniature museum of radio that can tour around different places, collecting site-specific stories and playing them back as an interactive installation.


Since its humble beginnings as a playful, spontaneous and intimate space for experiment and connection, our beautiful little tin hut has been fitted out with bespoke ‘Bakelite digital’ audio and recording equipment. Thanks to Arts Council England we are developing for touring as a ready-to-roll, self-contained multi-media ‘art hub’.


The Radio Hut makes an attractive and effective collaborator both as ‘pop-up’ partner at (for instance) more ‘formal’ museums as well as on a wide range of community projects. A primary function of the hut is a ‘gathering and broadcasting station’: drawing on crowdsourced voices, stories and experience to produce ‘site-specific responses’- ‘audio art’, podcasts and live spoken word theatre.

“The Radio Shed is an excellent attractant and centre piece for performances. It raised interest and curiosity about what was happening and engages people with their own reminiscences.

Rather than just being a set for a show it is a stand alone exhibit which creates the possibilities for a range of projects which can encompass theatre, dance, music and the sciences.”      

John Bassett

Director, Stroud Theatre Festival , Spaniel In The Works Theatre Company

Radio Droogdok is funded thanks to Arts Council England
and support of SVA, NDSM, ADM & Landbouwbelang

Extra thanks to...
Jo Leahy of SVA for the opportunity and inspiration
Valerie van Leersum for research explorations and creative collaborations
Maco Euan McAleece for initiation into podcasting
Swampwood for all beautiful Radio Droogdok designs
MrsThinkyThoughtHead for website mentoring & development