About Radio Droogdok

Artists Tara Downs and Bart Sabel

Museum in the Park, Stroud, April 2015

In the radio hut portrait by Sanne Derks

Tune in – Turn up – Join the conversation!

Tara Downs combines art, anthropology and museology in installations created with partner Bart Sabel, as Miniature Museum.

Radio Droogdok is her sonic off shoot that launches on resoundradio.org for SVA SITE Festival.

Tara collects and sculpts stories into a series of ‘Transition Transmissions’ – broadcasts from Dutch docklands to post-industrial Stroud from a Miniature Museum-Radio Droogdok mobile radio hut.

Actively archiving engineers of the imagination, pioneer spirit and in-between spaces.

In this initiative to reflect on and link creative hubs and cultural free havens, an interactive exchange is developed with Dutch NDSM-based artist Valerie van Leersum.  Soundscape podcasts are created especially for Valerie to catch during her ‘Places in Drift’ residency at SVA.

Contact us to take part and look out for the Radio Droogdok hut in unexpected places…

Radio Droogdok is funded thanks to Arts Council England
and support of SVA, NDSM, ADM & Landbouwbelang

Extra thanks to...
Jo Leahy of SVA for the opportunity and inspiration
Valerie van Leersum for research explorations and creative collaborations
Maco Euan McAleece for initiation into podcasting
Swampwood for all beautiful Radio Droogdok designs
MrsThinkyThoughtHead for website mentoring & development