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Tara Downs combines art, anthropology and museology in installations created with partner Bart Sabel, as Miniature Museum.

Radio Droogdok is her sonic off shoot that launched in April 2018, thanks to Arts Council England funding, on resoundradio.org for SVA SITE Festival. She collected and sculpted stories into a series of ‘Transition Transmissions’ – broadcasts from Dutch docklands to post-industrial Stroud from a Miniature Museum-Radio Droogdok mobile radio hut.

In 2019 a new venture was launched with the Radio Droogdok radio hut taking a fortnight hut-in-residence at Museum In The Park, and presenting a new collaboration with Jonny Fluffypunk.  Jonny performed his show from the hut ‘Test Transmission From The Edge of The World’ as part of Stroud Theatre Festival.  Many thanks to Stroud Festival and The Museum In The Park for supporting that happening.

The Radiophonic Hut rolls on into 2020 with tech developments and new experiments in collaboration with Jonny and other artists, participants and partners, thanks to ACE for another stage of project funding!


‘Coming from Radio Heaven’: Radio Droogdok In residence at Stroud Valleys Artspace Gallery

  • Wednesday, November 11, 2020 10:00 AM
    Saturday, November 28, 2020 3:00 PM
  • SVA 4 John Street Stroud, England, GL5 2HA United Kingdom

Miniature Museum inventors Tara Downs and Bart Sabel present new experiments from audio offshoot project Radio Droogdok in collaboration with Jonny Fluffypunk, Euan Maco McAleece & Knaïve Theatre presents: A Digital Lyceum.

“We’re just back from Radio Heaven with a trailer load of gorgeous radios and half-soldered transmitting switchboards. Intrigued by the alien sounds from between radio stations, the romanticism of far-away names on the dial, and the manifestations from the fifth element, Aether. Radio art play with found sounds and outdated technology.”

This work-in-progress R&D residency will include further experiments in collaboration with Jonny Fluffypunk and Maco, playing with audiences (when allowed), sonic developments of the ‘Test Transmission From The Edge of The World’ show and live medium-wave radio mixing. Mashing up reverb, theatre and radio; combining revived vestiges of lo-fi history with digital futures and in-the-moment interventions.

With experiments broadcast through Resound Radio, and culminating in 2 binaural live streams hosted virtually by Knaïve Theatre presents: A Digital Lyceum, who’s inaugural season of innovative digital works runs from 22nd October – 12th December.

The Gallery will be open to visitors on Friday & Saturday 10am – 3pm

The Digital Lyceum events and after talks on 27th & 28th Nov.
(Please check websites for details and to book: 

We’ve now received development funding from Arts Council England, which is brilliant, and means that corrugated tin Radio Hut can be stuffed with ancient radio gear that’s hacked and gutted and rigged up to work how we want it to work. The Radio Hut is intended to tour as an installation to all sorts of weird and wonderful spaces, and my Test Transmission show, designed to be performed as part of the installation, will now- thanks to input from ace experts in England and Amsterdam- be developed to be less just words coming out of my face, and more interaction with the wonderful ancient fizzing Bakelite radio technology. A show about radio that gradually BECOMES radio.

It’ll be ace and I’m excited about it.

Jonny Fluffypunk

Stand-up Poet & Theatremaker

Covid-19 update:

We are now re-evaluating our plans, and hope to bring something to you soon that will be a supportive and positive creative response – in the spirit of this project – connecting, communicating, archiving, reaching between communities – through the magic of radio and phonic forms.

With love and Radiophonic Ripples, physical distance and in social support,

The Radio Droogdok Team

Radio Droogdok is funded thanks to Arts Council England
and support of SVA, NDSM, ADM & Landbouwbelang

Extra thanks to...
Jo Leahy of SVA for the opportunity and inspiration
Valerie van Leersum for research explorations and creative collaborations
Maco Euan McAleece for initiation into podcasting
Swampwood for all beautiful Radio Droogdok designs
MrsThinkyThoughtHead for website mentoring & development