R&D residency at SVA gallery culminated in 2 binaural live streams hosted virtually by Knaïve Theatre presents: A Digital Lyceum

 Transport yourself to Knaïve Theatre presents: A Digital Lyceum gallery and the piece we created for livestream & WEAR HEADPHONES!


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Test Transmission From The Edge Of The World

is an experimental sound, storytelling and spoken word work-in-progress.


The story of a boy who becomes ‘possessed’ by radio, transmitting from his ramshackle hut high on the shingle of an intertidal marshland through the metal parts in his body left behind after an operation. A primitive receiver at times of heightened atmospheric electrical activity. The bars of his metal cot acting as an antenna. The delicate membranes of his larynx reverberating as a makeshift loudspeaker.

A warm and touching story of imagination, the power of radio, and a love affair conducted partly in morse code.

“the most visually and creatively stimulating zoom experience of lockdown for me so far”

                             – Beth Woodward, weaver of words, content creator.



It is one part of a collaboration between installation artists Miniature Museum / Radio Droogdok, radiophonic guru Maco McAleece, electronics guru Bas Bossinade, and lo-fi stand-up spoken word storyteller and theatremaker Jonny FluffyPunk. They are currently in residency for 2 weeks at the Stroud Valleys Artspace and will be live-streamed the results of their experiments for Knaïve Theatre presents: A Digital Lyceum. Test Transmissions From The Edge Of The World will be a ‘progress report’ on these ongoing explorations from their little tin Radiophonic Hut, stuffed with its ‘digital Bakelite’ combination of vintage and the most up-to-date technologies. Expect a mash-up of story and soundscapes played through a range of ancient radios and captured in immersive 3D sound by Knaïve Theatre’s binaural microphone, compèred by Jonny FluffyPunk himself.

Test Transmissions From The Edge Of The World is a work-in-progress not to miss. A hot off the press test supported by Knaïve Theatre presents: A Digital Lyceum; a platform for the bravest experiments in digital art. There are many ways to engage with the work; from the studio being live-streamed (accessible through the theatre space), the performances online on 27th & 28th November and a post-show discussion straight afterwards on 28th. A definite must-see for anyone; artists, all audiences, and radio enthusiasts.

Knaïve Theatre

Knaïve Theatre presents: A Digital Lyceum


 For an immersive experience and to hear the effect of binaurally recorded soundpieces!

What is binaural sound recording?

Binaural recording is a method of recording sound that uses two microphones, (in the 2 ‘ears’ in the image here) ; this directional arrangement creates a 3-D stereo sound sensation for the listener of actually being in the room with the performers or instruments.

As we were experimenting with sending different sounds and voices to old radios placed around the room, and moving the sound about by volume control, hopefully some of this experience translates to you.  Wearing headphones is important to receive the subtleties of direction, and brings immersion.