Miniature Museum, and this audio wing Radio Droogdok, have joined forces with poet, spoken word artist and lo-fi theatremaker Jonny Fluffypunk to launch a new experimental project: Radio Hut – Test Transmissions.

Part art installation celebrating and exploring the magic of radio communication, part interactive site-specific ‘recording station’, part alternative micro theatre. All packed into our little tin hut kitted out with the very latest in obsolete technology.

The Radio Hut will be resident in the courtyard of the Museum for a week of exploration and experimentation, kicking off with a bespoke theatre show from Jonny, performed in conjunction with Stroud Theatre Festival.

We hope to be taking this venture a lot further, and are pending an answer from Arts Council England if we can receive funding to do this… watch this space!


This project is supported with thanks to Stroud Festival & The Museum in The Park

Please visit these websites for more information on…

Miniature Museum – the mother-ship of Radio Droogdok:

Jonny Fluffypunk’s Theatre Show:


Details of emergent experiments and related activities during that week –

‘I love Jonny’s storytelling – it’s hard not to. Ukelele in hand, his bobble-hatted head wobbling along with the wonky lampshade next to him, he perches on top of a metal barstool at centre stage, yanks out a pile of papers from under one of the many clunky analogue radios on the table next to him, and launches into the charismatic and beautifully British storytelling satire at which he excells.
I won’t spoil too much – it’s too funny not to see for yourself – but the story outlines the coming-of-age of the extraordinary Radio Boy; a young man growing up in dead-end Essex in 1980-something, whose life and, crucially, voice, are irrevocably and beautifully changed by his love affair with good old fashioned radio.
Test Transmission from The Edge of The World is rife with Fluffypunk’s classic humour; there’s quite a few gags that elude me – I couldn’t have told you that Jenni Murray presents woman’s hour and I don’t know what Money Box Live is – I am a clueless teenager, you guessed it (!) But the pure soul, warmth and poignancy that Jonny pours into his stories don’t need translation – his voice echoes across the generation gap, transmitted and received, with unparalled clarity.’

Stroud Theatre Festival Review 2018