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Roasted Orange, Caramel and Bakelite Chocolate T-shirts – an almost edible array of radiophonic aesthetic!

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A bit of background on design & print

T-shirts screenprinted by hand in Amsterdam by Printfingers

PRINTFINGERS Lisette started her printing on ADM – the original Droogdok community, home of the Radio Droogdok project and birthplace of the Radiophonic Hut.   Check out her screen printing with disco fun & games on festivals at Printotheque

Radio Droogdok Logo designed by Dutch graphic artist and designer SWAMPWOOD

SWAMPWOOD ran the first event Radio Droogdok appeared at in April 2018:

‘Love Babylon Circus Sideshow’ at Llandbowbelang in Maastricht

A live connection was made via Radio Droogdok installation between artists in that warehouse and SVA gallery.

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Swampwood Radio Droogdok logo on Fair trade 100% Organic cotton T-shirts

Screenprinted by hand in Amsterdam by Printfingers

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