Mould Radio Lounge

Radio Droogdok in residency at Stroud Valleys Artspace develops Radio Art workshops with the SVA based young artists MOULD Collective.

Radio Droogdok logo woman's T-shirt - ochre ink on roasted orange by hut
Interior of radio gramophone transformed into a miniature radio lounge installation by Mould Collective, Stroud Valleys Artspace

Workshop activities included:

– artist talk, examples of radio art making

– playing with vintage MW radios, transmission, reception and bespoke surround sound-systems;

– building a miniature ‘Mould Radio Lounge’ installation within an old radio-gramophone;

– audio production recording interviews, field recordings, music.

This was a great start to a new element of Radio Droogdok adventures in spreading the radio art love!  We have many more ideas up our sleeves to work with.  Let us know if you’re interested in news or involvement in future workshops.

Thank you: SVA for hosting the workshops; Milligan Beaumont, Moina Moin & the Mould Collective for participating and making such a fabulous radio lounge; Euan Maco McAleece for creating the Workshop video.

These new workshop developments were supported thanks to: