Miniature Museum duo Tara & Bart explore ‘Radio Heaven’: the attic stacked with Bas Bossinade’s extraordinary collection of radios. This soundpiece reveals inspiration behind current evolutions of Radio Droogdok project.


Autumn 2020 , recalling Spring 2018, The Netherlands. At Bossinade Lightworks:


In 2018, with the launch of Radio Droogdok, we visited Bas Bossinade, our Miniature Museum electronics guru.

Bas has 55 years of experience working, experimenting, innovating with electronics; he lives and works in a 1930’s former ‘Da Costa School: now ‘Bossinade Lightworks’, the rooms and corridors are filled as workspaces and collections of all things electronic..

Bas’ expertise and support has been formative in the creation of Miniature Museum projects.  He helped us build the interactive infrastructure of our first Miniature Museum cabinet of curiosity ‘Miniature Museum of Memories: Sharpness Calling’.  This time we went for inspiration and advice on all things radio…

Within this sound-piece, you’ll hear us exploring Bas’ attic: this ‘Radio Heaven’ becomes a portal to the project evolving.

And now, in Autumn 2020, we’re back, and thanks to Arts Council England, taking up the invitation from that time – our fascination with radios work is underway, Part 2 to follow!